Behind The Scenes

Behind the Scenes with Shane Womack

Take a look at life while working at SVA Software, Inc., and a behind the scenes chat with our Marketing and Sales Technologist, Shane Womack.

Can you describe what your role is at SVA Software, Inc. and what it entails? 

Shane Womack: As the Marketing and Sales Technologist at SVA Software, Inc., my role is to ensure the growth and brand awareness of our company in North America while exploring new techniques for outreach to potential clients and partners.

I thoroughly enjoy the marketing side of my position, as I have over 15 years of experience in this field. So far, I’ve had the opportunity to plan and attend some amazing conferences with our team in my first year and look forward to many more to come! 

What's the most exciting project you've worked on as a Marketing and Sales Technologist? 

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Shane Womack:  There have already been a number of exciting projects within my first year with SVA Software, Inc., but one that stands out would be our event activation party with our partners during KubeCon last year. I also really enjoy planning our yearly North American team kickoff each January.

You're a big Atlanta Braves fan. Why did you start supporting them?

Braves convShane WomackGrowing up in rural Mississippi, our only TV channel would play the Braves game every day, so it was a given that the Braves game would be on. I have so many memories of my family and I watching those games as a kid. Eventually, I moved to Atlanta and met my fiancé, Ashton, who is also a lifelong Braves fan, so we decided to get season tickets and go to as many games as we possibly could! It was also the same season the Braves won their last World Series, which was so exciting for the city and even back home in rural Mississippi, where it all started! Go Braves!

We heard you have two pets in your family. Could you tell us more about them? 

Family_1 convShane Womack: I have a 3 year old French bulldog, Zoey, and a 3 year old miniature long-haired dachshund, Jackson.

Zoey is a rambunctious, playful ball of energy who loves a good tennis ball. She loves to play fetch every night while we hang out on the couch.

Jackson is the complete opposite of her. He loves nothing more than a good nap in the sun or to cuddle up in his bed. They both love to go for rides and always have a blast at the beach!

What's your hobby outside of SVA Software, Inc.?

Shane WomackMy two main hobbies are photography and cheerleading. I actually cheered through high school, All-Star, and during college at LSU. I have always had a passion for cheerleading, and that is actually where my career started in 2009.  I’ve also always had an interest in photography, and I've recently combined the two, so I now shoot action photos at competitions around the world

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