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Behind the Scenes with John Leffler

Take a look at life while working at SVA Software, Inc., and a behind the scenes chat with our Sales Representative, John Leffler.

Can you describe what your role is at SVA Software, Inc. and what it entails?

John Leffler: My role here at SVA Software, Inc. requires me to be a great problem solver. I oversee all North American sales for two partners which allows me to leverage a multidisciplinary set of knowledge in diverse fields and industries.    

Building and maintaining great relationships with my customers is the core of my role at SVA Software, Inc. These strong relationships are essential for me to identify the root cause of problems they may be experiencing to understand how I can alleviate those issues.

What's the most exciting project you've worked on as a sales representative?cropped picture 2

John Leffler: The most exciting project that I’ve worked on would be helping a customer automate their infrastructure by managing software updates and patches.

This partnership is special to me because I was able to take a look at a problem they were having and be able to solve it for them. I have enjoyed having the opportunity to guide them through the “ins and outs” of their IT department today.

We've heard you're a fan of golf. What inspired you to start playing golf?


John Leffler: I first started playing golf with my older brother when I was 7 years old. Given he is 9 years older than me, I wanted to follow everything he did growing up. In the first couple years of playing golf, he would always beat me. As I am a competitive person, especially when it comes to my older brother, it pushed me to get better which has led me to fall in love with the game ever since.

Plus, I have landed more hole-in ones than him, so I get the last laugh.

If you could switch lives with any person for one day, who would you choose?

John Leffler: If I was able to switch lives with any person for one day it would have to be Neil Armstrong on July 21st, 1969. It would be the greatest opportunity to go to space and be the first human to walk on the moon

What’s your hobby outside of SVA Software, Inc.?

cropped dog pictureJohn Leffler: Some of my hobbies outside of work include golfing, boating, and ice fishing with my friends and family.

Growing up in Minnesota, known as the “Land of Ten Thousand Lakes”, nothing beats spending time out on the water in the summer.

Additionally, I just adopted a Golden Retriever puppy named Russell, and he's starting to become my biggest hobby.


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