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Behind the Scenes with Tobias Linke

Take a look at life while working at SVA Software, Inc., and a behind the scenes chat with our Mainframe Senior Technical Solutions Consultant, Tobias Linke.

Can you describe what your role is at SVA Software, Inc. and what it entails?

Tobias Linke: My role revolves around optimizing customer systems and ensuring peak performance. Over the past five years, I have played a key part in developing our own software, "zWorkload Reporter".

This tool allows us to analyze and fine-tune mainframe workloads for our clients. I assess system performance, identify bottlenecks, and provide targeted optimizations.

Working closely with clients, I deliver expert guidance and implement effective solutions to enhance their mainframe performance and achieve mainframe cost savings. It's an exciting and dynamic role that requires deep expertise, strong analytical skills, and a focus on delivering tangible results for our customers.

What are you most excited about working as a Mainframe Senior Technical Solutions Consultant?

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Tobias Linke: I'm thrilled about working with cutting-edge technology and helping clients optimize their mainframe systems.

I love solving complex challenges, collaborating with a talented team, and delivering tailored solutions that exceed client expectations.

It's an ever-evolving field, and I'm excited to make a meaningful impact in the mainframe industry.

We've heard you just recently moved from Germany to the US. What do you enjoy most about the American way of living?

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Tobias Linke: Since I've only recently moved to the US, I'm still adjusting to the American way of life. But one thing I'm really enjoying is the incredible diversity and openness that I've encountered here. I've already met people from all walks of life, and they've been so friendly and eager to share their stories.

It's refreshing to be in a place where there are endless opportunities to pursue your passions and grow as an individual. I'm excited to keep exploring and embracing the American way of living, and I can't wait to see what other amazing experiences await myself.

What’s your hobby outside of SVA Software, Inc.?

Bild 4Tobias LinkeOutside of work, I love biking, packrafting, and sailing. Growing up in Brandenburg, Germany, with its abundant lakes and rivers, these water-based activities have become my passion.

Biking lets me explore scenic trails, while packrafting combines biking and river adventures. Sailing, on the other hand, takes me to the open waters for a serene experience.


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