orcharhino makes its way to the United States through a partnership with SVA Software, Inc.

In a new partnership with SVA Software, Inc., orcharhino expands its international reach. orcharhino is developed in Germany by ATIX AG.

Hackensack, New Jersey — In a new partnership with SVA Software, Inc., orcharhino expands its international reach. orcharhino is developed in Germany by ATIX AG. orcharhino is a data center automation tool that allows automated deployments of new machines, configuration management, as well as release and patch management. With orcharhino, routine tasks are automated. Deploying additional servers or applying the newest patch can be done with a mouse click. Businesses can increase scalability and reduce operating costs and time to market with orcharhino.  

“It is my pleasure to announce that ATIX’s data center automation tool, orcharhino, can now be accessed from SVA Software, Inc. orcharhino is known for its strength in data center automation, and this partnership offers strong support for our business in the North American market.” said Lisa Schwab, VP of Sales and Marketing at SVA Software, Inc.

ATIX AG is currently in partnership with parent company, SVA System Vertrieb Alexander GmbH, in Germany since 2019. Due to the successful cooperation in Germany, orcharhino enters the North American market with the daughter company located in New Jersey. Joining hands with SVA Software, Inc. gives North American businesses easy access to a regional orcharhino partner to assess their needs and help with every aspect of implementation.

About SVA Software, Inc. 
SVA Software, Inc. is a 100% subsidiary of SVA System Vertrieb Alexander GmbH, a German company. SVA Software, Inc. was founded in 2016 selling SVA GmbH developed solutions combined with value added services. SVA System Vertrieb Alexander GmbH is the largest privately owned systems integrator in Germany in the fields of Datacenter Infrastructure and is the largest IBM business partner worldwide. The company was founded in 1997 in Wiesbaden, Germany. SVA GmbH now employs more than 2,200 employees at 25 branch offices throughout Germany with a revenue of more than $1.3 Billion (2021) servicing over 3,000 customers worldwide. | 

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